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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/MAI/2011 10:21 PM
Assunto:  ergative verbs _ to Jazz

    Hi there!

    Thanks for your compliment, it´s flattering to a guy that make so many mistakes, hehe.

    Yeah, my English skills are not perfected yet, but I am dayly working on them.

    It was nice of you to point the "though" vs "tough" thing, it´s not everyday somebody offer such grammar points like these, and sometimes we forget them.

    Yep, sometimes in a hurry, or out of carelessness or other reasons, I do make a sloppy job.  However I try to do my best, believe me.  

    I consider (sometime in life) to teach, so one has to be likable, easygoing  and open to the more diverse situations, so maybe I am honing these abilites on-line first.   But not now, since I am such a green behind the ears...

    Anyway, I am glad to know that, all in all, I can get myself understood, at least most of times! 

    You English is very good indeed, I´ll make just one slight comment on it, for the time being.  Your Portuguese shows up when you use more than one exclamation point!

     Don´t sweat it, however when you are in a chat or message board and you pose a question or make a statement, voilá! two, three or a zillion of exclamation points, so people know that the author was Brazilian, a point well observed somewhere by Michael Jacobs.    


    I am happy that a participant here has academical background, this way I know that we are in good company. My major was Management, but I had to drop out, for family and financial issues...anyway I feel that sometime I will be back to university benches, well maybe...

    Yeah, there´s a gap in life wich might be filled only with knowledge, hence learning is the only option to fill it.   In other words, education is expensive, but the lack of it is more; it cost dearly to one and to one´s country.


    As you allow me, I will take the liberty to correct more one little thing in your piece of text:

     "I hope some day I can still meet Ricardo (EMB) in the flesh/in person."


-Flesh and blood - has to do "d/a natureza humana"; or related to someone that makes part of your family (a short of "of your own flesh and blood."). 

And it may have to do something real, not virtual, not fictional. As in the following examples: 

A Strong Race Opinion: On the Indian Girl in Modern Fiction
Individual personality is one of the most charming things to be met with, either in the flesh and blood existence, or upon the pages of fiction, ...


Online marketing vs 'real world' marketing - what's the difference?
Marketing on the Internet - marketing in the real world. Is there a difference? Are there any 'rules' in common?
 Do you need to do marketing things differently on the Internet from ways in which you approach them in the flesh-and-blood world?





Flesh and blood la naturaleza humana, esp. refiriéndose a su falibilidad, de carne y hueso, pariente flesh out desarrollar, llenar flesh wound herida superficial in the flesh vivo, en persona

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/flesh#ixzz1MNM9Mabw



•flesh and blood    la naturaleza humana, esp. refiriéndose a su falibilidad, de carne y hueso, pariente
•in the flesh    vivo, en persona

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/flesh#ixzz1MNZ2bF2N


    Hope it helps, good luck.  Wish you well.






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