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Data:  18/FEV/2011 1:02 AM
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    A water shut off valve can be classified as a main shut off valve or a local shut off valve.    Main valves are located beside the water meter (hidrômetro, viu?), while local valves are located beside water output devices such as faucets and toilets. A shut off valve has to be accessed immediately in emergency situations.




Stop taps are often called stopcocks, most people will know them as stopcocks. A stop tap is often found on the rising water main of a property and is used to isolate the water supply.      Normally there are two stop taps, one on the boundary of the property, which is the water companies responsibility and one on the inside of the property, which is the owners responsibility.


    In America :

Street-side main shutoff (antes do hidrômetro) perto dele; the house-side main shutoff (depois do hidrômetro) perto dele.

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  Inside home, I learned that you may use:

  water stop valve
  Supply stop valve
  Stop valve










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