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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  13/FEV/2011 12:05 AM
Assunto:  ferramenta de correção

     O inventário foi analisado por meio da ferramenta de correção informatizada da Casa do Psicólogo e os dados finais organizados por meio de estatística descritiva.

   The database/dataset was sorted by advanced mathematical and computational tools/methods developed by Casa do Psicológo and the end result was analysed
by* descriptive statistics algorithms...


 *or by quantitative analyses/determinist algorithms, intelligent software, advance computational applications/adv. math programs/software...




     It´s a weakly try, I am not that good at academical jargon, mainly mathematical lingo.  And it´s grammatical, but I am not sure if makes sense.

    Plus, even in Portuguese it seemed a little obscure, Maybe the question wasn´t well stated.   It´s open to others, tough; who knows somebody has better luck?

    For example:

    "Foi analisado por meio da ferramenta de correção informatizada da Casa do Psicólogo..."      To me, it wouldn´t be "analysed" before the descriptive statistics being done, indeed the descriptive statistics would the analyser. 


     Maybe "As ferramentas the correção" would be some of descriptive statistics tools, such like: inferential statistics, standard deviation, measures of central tendency, frequency distribution, probability etc.



     Thus, to me "The database/dataset/sample was analysed by descriptive statistics tools [e.g. standandard deviation, measures of ctrl. tendency etc]/algorithms/methods using a software/program/computer application...developed for/by Casa do Psicólogo." 

     Let´s wait further comments. 


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