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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  27/OUT/2010 9:19 PM
Assunto:  Caldron of Becoming

Wilhelm Furtwangler, Genius Forged in the Cauldron of War

"The saga of how Furtwängler's incomparable artistry arose within the appalling abyss of Nazi Germany forces us to confront the terrible collision of art, society and morality."


  ...The second – unbridled emotion and improvisation – was forged in the hideous caldron of Nazi Germany.

   Great music never emerges from comfort, well-being and privilege. Rather, throughout the history of music, the finest work arises from the most trying of circumstances. All of the great artists – composers and performers – were tortured souls.

     Even Beethoven was a gifted but largely derivative composer until driven to the brink of suicide by deafness, the cruellest blow of all for a budding musician.   

     Like his idol, Furtwängler's art was fueled by the loss of his own most treasured possession: the stability of an absolute artist, sheltered from sordid social and political reality.



  Interesting, this site used the caldron in this story (without the letter u ), I never had seen it written like this before.

   And, talk about a caldron with all the features of one! pressure, trying circumstances and impasse!

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