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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/AGO/2021 1:16 AM
Assunto:  River at...
Mensagem:  Your reasoning was very interesting, reading at first it leads to think that way.

But there are cities by the river (de lado, ali perto de um rio), there is the river doesn´t cross the city but it is a limit to the city.

In the case at hand, Runnymede isn´t a city, it´s a London district and it follows exactly the above pattern I have explained (to a city).
The river is one of the limits of Runnymede (just type this name on Google Maps) or see the images on Google, (o distrito fica defronte, à beira do rio Tâmisa - Thames em inglês).

So, yes, I would agree with you if you said it was IN London (since it crosses the city), but  AT that point (at Runnymede) it is a great place to stop and take stock.

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