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Autor:  Emilson Pereira Leite
E-mail:  epleite@hotmail.com
Data:  08/MAI/2002 12:53 PM
Assunto:  Re: What's this?
Mensagem:  I was searching for the origin of this word and I found a text about it. It is probably a misspelling abreviation of "all correct" (Oll Korrect). The first recorded use of OK was in the spring of 1839 by the Boston Morning Post: (23 March) "He of the Journal...would have the "contribution box," et ceteras, o.k.--all correct--and cause the corks to fly, like sparks, upward." (26 March) "Had the pleasure of taking these 'interesting strangers' by the hand, and wishing them a speedy passage to the Commercial Emporium, They were o.k." (10 April) "It is hardly necessary to say to those who know Mr. Hughes, that his establishment will be found to be 'A. No. One'--that is, O.K.--all correct." Read the complete material: http://www.uselessknowledge.com/word/ok.shtml Best regards, Emilson

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What's this?  –  Matheus Boppre Philippi  15/ABR/2002, 8:12 PM
 Re: What's this?  –  Emilson Pereira Leite  08/MAI/2002, 12:53 PM

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