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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  15/JUN/2020 8:48 PM
Assunto:  Deliver to or at
Mensagem:  Thank you Josi, for sharing the insight.

Deliver to - is about a dynamic event.
Deliver at - is about a static event, you already got there and deliver something at such and such place.

We could say ''Deliver the package to John Q. Smith at the restaurant." (an example taken from the Web). Or, we could say that ''we had a pizza delivered to us at my place, etc"

So, ''at'' is way less used. And the Ngram "at" curve would flatten much more if we look for sentences with the preposition. 
We would find many sentences like the follwing ones:

The Pen is designed to deliver "at least" 300 units of insulin.

Deliver at your own risk.

Although many mothers attend antenatal clinics at various health units in Malawi, less than one quarter of them actually deliver at the health centre.

So, after discounting context and collocations in certain situations the 'pool' of examples decreases more and more.

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