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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/MAR/2018 12:04 AM
Assunto:  Wizard estão me enrolando?
Mensagem:  I digged deeper into the Forum and found this:

Here there are two possible reasons to the slow learning process we have in our country (and most possibly in other countries as well), it might be illustrative of the state of affairs of the learning of English (and other subjects in our country):

When international authors create their materials they possibly have one main public in mind, which is the immigrant or international student living in an English speaking country; an individual who listens to English and speaks some variation of English in his/her day-to-day and goes to school to get the finishing touches and also to get motivated; and they usually go to school for 15-20 hours a week and not the 2-3 hours a week as is the case in Brazil.  
Of course, that could be widened by immersing into some digging deeeper into the Web for some ESL material on the side (complementary ways, I mean).
Talking to a fellow student, or passing on some knowledge to him would be a good way not to forget content (provided that I master the subject well, or at least there´s a tutor around to make the "finishing" of the/my work.)

So, Fran touches a nerve when she explains (referring to a teacher class who needs to draw attention to the subject at hand):

 you have to decide on a fun and active method(style) not them really , they can give you input but when a student wants to " change the method " they are tired of you or you're sick and tired of them not learning. If the students want to just sit their butt on a chair and take notes and translate every single thing they see, I don't know, if possible "fire them"  and get better students ( sorry if it sounds rude ).

Then the video:

But we can see from the above video (most of the time the learner gets even more passive, unless he/she is naturally extrovert...)

and from the explanation by this educator (that makes sense)
so we could say that one learns somehow in a linear fashion (but at the same time in random fashion as well, and sometimes, I would say).  That´s why we learn the more basic fundamentals, like colours, the time of the day, saying the time, for example, then going higher afterwards, that with Maths and other subjects as well.
Thus, the learning of some topics (and I agree with the learning of the ones you have mentioned) was assumed by me as per default, at the level Mateus have let us know (my guess here - since I wasn´t a learner from any English school).
Anyway, the essence of the reasoning about learning languages is that one has to be exposed as much as possible to it.  And one way to make it ''bearable" (teenage drama language here ha ha) is to wedge some fun to it, or by trying to bring some practical usage (real life scenario usage as per the last video).

Of course, I am trying not to be judgemental on the issue, I am just trying to investigate possibilities to which the student and the teacher might find a common denominator, even though the question seems like leading to just one direction... Anyway, when one method, system, teacher, course, etc, doesn´t work, one might consider a change of path.   
If others have success, and we have tried many ways (systems, methods, teachers, what you have), then we might rethink how seriously we are taking the process into account. And see where we ourselves can make changes to our ways, to us.

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