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Autor:  Monty
E-mail:  monty.vierra@gmail.com
Data:  02/JUL/2017 9:11 AM
Assunto:  Ear-holy catastrophe
Mensagem:  I have not heard the whole song, but I can say something about the image that this part creates. It imitates the traditional form of a wedding ceremony, where a priest (preacher) says, "Dearly beloved...we are gathered here to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony...until death do us part." Instead, rock and roll are joined in catastrophe, which means a disaster. The catastrophe from such a union is that the people may go deaf. If you go deaf, you can not hear either the "rock" or the "roll" anymore. So, indeed, this is a kind of elaborate pun or play on words. We might think of this as a kind of irony.

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