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Autor:  Thiago
E-mail:  thiagobomfim@hotmail.com
Data:  29/JUN/2016 12:55 PM
Assunto:  Pausing in my flight
Mensagem:  Hi guys,

I was reading a short story called "Love is a fallacy" by Max Shulman and came across this phrase whose meaning I cannot get. Could you help me out?

One afternoon I found Petey lying on his bed with an expression of such distress on his face that I immediately diagnosed appendicitis. "Don't move," I said, "Don't take a laxative. I'll get a doctor."

"Raccoon," he mumbled thickly.

"Raccoon?" I said, pausing in my flight.

"I want a raccoon coat," he wailed.

What does he mean by "pausing in my flight"?

Thanks in advance.

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