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Autor:  dede f
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/MAI/2016 4:28 AM
Assunto:  Piggy-back & springboard
Mensagem:  He had his animation artists stick up the drawings for the many scenes that make up this kind of project so that everyone could see how they linked together, what might be better moved to a different place in the movie or what should be discarded altogether. Now people in all sorts of fields use the notion to help see interconnection of ideas so they can 'piggy-back' onto existing ones or springboard into new ones.

Any help with the bold would be greatly appreciated.

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 Piggy-back & springboard  –  dede f  10/MAI/2016, 4:28 AM
Piggy-back & springboard  –  Josi  10/MAI/2016, 10:00 AM
Piggy-back & springboard  –  katiana  12/MAI/2016, 4:41 PM
Piggy-back & springboard  –  dede f  17/MAI/2016, 7:47 PM
Piggy-back & springboard  –  dede f  17/MAI/2016, 7:54 PM
Piggy-back & springboard  –  Josi  18/MAI/2016, 9:44 AM

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