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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/OUT/2015 12:27 AM
Assunto:  FCE
Mensagem:  From the beggining she told us that she took a course, I am buying that.
Then she says she didn´t "feel" ready, perhaps the coming of the exam gave her that trepidation that is normal to a student, I drew terrible memory blanks, the kind of when teacher calls us to chat in pairs; I blanked out! so anxious I got.
So, I relate to the feeling.


Or perhaps, Danny needs were others, anyway I tried to be of reassurance. And, of course, if  she didn´t do well, she could come back. Life goes on!
Your comment still holds, if somebody wants to do well in tests he has to begin the studying very early, as someone said in somehow similar terms "that´s no point on last minute sprints, the best bet is to leave early".  But I wouldn´t say that at that time, not a polite comment to make.
Another way to see that is, if you want to get a grade 8 or 7, you study to get a 10; because if you study to get a 7 you get a 5, or worse still...a 4.

I honestly hope Danny has passed her test, if not, we are here to help her to get prepared to the next.

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