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Autor:  Thomas
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  17/JUL/2015 2:39 PM
Assunto:  Nomes escolar

The names will vary from school to school.  Some names will be very unique to a certain school.  When I was a student in Arizona, for example, the "principal's office" was called the "warden's office".  A warden is, of course, "administrador/diretor de prisao".  The school once had classes in an abandoned prison!

Here are some names that I recall from my school days from long, long ago:

ATTENDANCE OFFICE = the office with responsibility for verifying the presence of students

AUDIO VISUAL = where film equipment is kept

AUTO SHOP = where students learn how to repair and maintain cars

CAFETERIA = where students can buy full meals

CHEMISTRY LAB = chemistry classrooms

COMPUTER LAB = where students use computers

GYM = gymnasium (They usually have offices for physical education teachers.)

JANITORIAL = where janitors keep supplies, receive special requests

NURSE'S OFFICE = where the school nurse works, a student comes here when ill or injured

PHOTOCOPY = where copies are made

PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE = where the principal works  (If a student gets into trouble, he is often sent to the principal's or vice principal's office.  Often a vice principal is in charge of discipline.)

QUAD = I have heard this used to mean an outside area where students can talk, play games, etc.

SNACK BAR = were students can buy candy, soft drinks, juices. 

SUPPLIES = books, chalk, erasers 

TEACHERS LOUNGE = a room where teachers can rest, eat lunch

WOODSHOP = carpentry classrooms/workshops for students

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