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Autor:  Denis_
E-mail:  denizfaccin2@gmail.com
Data:  29/MAI/2015 2:44 PM
Assunto:  To Meet
Mensagem:  Hi everybody!

I'm studying English by watching video lessons on Youtube and I have a question about the verb TO MEET:

I saw on a lesson that we shouldn't use "to meet" for situations like this:
"Yesterday I met my boss when I was at the supermarket".
According to the lesson, the correct form would be "...I saw my boss...".

However, seeing another lesson, the teacher was explaining about the phrasal "run into", and he said: "You run into someone when you accidentally meet someone. In that example, I guess, the teacher was not talking about meeting someone for the "first time".

Then my question is: Does TO MEET mean only "knowing a person" or "seeing a person for the first time"? I've heard a lot of times people saying "I'll meet ..."... so I'm very confused!

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