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Autor:  Mariana Santos
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  28/MAI/2015 8:44 AM
Assunto:  how old x age
Mensagem:  Olá,

In this part of the lyrics of Beyonce's song Diva there is a question: what's your age ?

""Since fifteen in my stilettos, been struttin in this game,
"What's yo age?"
That's the question they ask when I hit the stage""

Is it a common way to ask age like that? I've lernt that we should ask "how old are you ?". Saying "what is your age?" was considered wrong at school. I can remember multiple-choice questions in which one of the options was what is your age and it was the wrong one.
So, is it possible or common to ask age in English like that? why teachers only teach the form how old?

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