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Autor:  Thomas/USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  14/FEV/2015 3:11 AM
Assunto:  Charming words for nasty people
CAD - Old fashioned.  I would expect to find it in novels of the 1800s.  Used almost exclusively to describe men who are careless with the feelings of women.
HOOLIGAN - Relatively common. HOOLIGAN is often used to describe males who fight and disrupt soccer games in Europe.  Both HOOLIGAN and RUFFIAN refer to violent men, often guilty of crimes.
KNAVE - Old fashioned.
RASCALLION - Do not recall hearing/reading this word.  I assume "RASCAL" is the shortened version of RASCALLION.  RASCAL is used much like SCAMP.
REPROBATE - Do not recall hearing/reading this word.
RUFFIAN - Relatively common.  See HOOLIGAN.
SCALAWAG - Relatively common.  Similar to SCAMP.
SCAMP - Relatively common.  Sometimes used as the name of a dog, especially a mischievous dog.  Often used with affection.  Not a strong or insulting word.  See SCALAWAG.
SCAPEGRACE - Do not recall hearing/reading this word.
WRETCH - Relatively common.  Often used to mean person in terrible physical/mental condition.  Often used with sympathy.

HOOLIGAN and RUFFIAN are the most commonly heard/read, but even they are not particularly common.  The same can be said of CAD, RASCAL, SCAMP,  I do not normally use any of these terms.

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