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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/FEV/2015 1:10 PM
Assunto:  The shortcomings of ELT in Brazil
Mensagem:  Good, very good, Ricardo! Congrats.
I also found something that relates to my years at school, university or otherwise.


I am divulging it here because your feature came just in the right time.
Let´s see, for example:

Of course, one of the givens of professional life is that one never reveals one’s fears! But everyone who teaches knows that fear abounds in the profession—from the fear of not knowing the answer, to the fear of losing control, to the fear of never knowing whether one’s work has made a difference. All these fears are worth exploring, and some of them reach deeply into our souls. But there is one fear that most teachers feel, though few ever name, a fear that reaches more deeply into our adult lives than any of the others. It is our fear of the judgment of the young.  

I would say, also  fear of their parents, of society, of the government that will pay their wages --or not, many state govs. pay their teachers months behind -- and when teachers strike they are striken by the police!

...Students have a bad reputation these days. Too many teachers, when asked to name the major obstacle to good teaching, will say, “My students.” They will describe their students as either passive and disengaged from the learning process (even brain-dead) or actively hostile to it. If you press these teachers to explain how students got this way, you often hear the same diagnoses that are popular in the mass media: public education fails to teach youngsters the basics; TV creates people with short attention spans who want to be entertained rather than taught; family breakdown leaves children without a readiness to learn and without basic values; etc. Too many teachers view their charges with thinly veiled hostility—and too many of them want to blame their problems on factors that are external to education or are located somewhere “upstream.”

So, the item touched a sore point, but superficially, first of all there are several sides to that. 
First of  all, many, and I say many schools in this country doesn´t have a proper library, let alone a proper library of English.
And how many teachers have their work awarded in any way? and I am not talking about going to TV, to the country capital and shake hands with the president etc, I mean, a teacher would have a better pay and the right to give a proper education to their children, have a moment to leisure, and travel, plus sometimes the right to do take some courses to further their education and recycling themselves.
Our society don´t even offer physical security to our teachers, let alone help them out.   
We spend six times much with a prisoner than with a child in school, when many children with a good education wouldn´t be in prison, there´s an inversion of values and priorities.
And there are too many chiefs and not enough indians.

We need proper planning and action, the "doing":
Não podemos deixar de procurar também cursos superiores bem estruturados, em que a maioria dos egressos possui a necessária proficiência. Se encontrarmos um, identifiquemos as diferenças e o porquê do êxito.

The same applies to high school and more elementary levels.
For example, all of sudden the Math students from Campina Grande are known for their excellence, now how are they going to be rewarded? are their example being reproduced elsewhere? their community is going to benefit from that? or are they being brain drained to the south/southeast? will the authorities replicate the conditions favorable in other schools? only the time will say.

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