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Autor:  mhw
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Data:  04/AGO/2014 12:25 PM
Assunto:  atual-

Professional Background

Asterion (jul/2006 to present) — Canadian company focused on telecommunication services with revenues around US$ 4,5 billion and 5500 employees.

Position: Systems Engineer/ Information Architect
Main Responsibilities:

• Responsible for modeling Web systems and its relations with other projects, developing components of the application using UML stereotypes and object oriented programming. Also responsible for developing the base architecture.


Espyte (oct/2003-jun/2006) — North American company focused on telecommunication with revenues around US$ 12 billion and 4100 employees.

Position: IT Consultant
Main Responsibilities:

• Department structuring, hiring analysts andadopting methodologies;

• Assist partners on product implementation projects;

• Training instructor in partner empowerment courses.


Pólux (1998-2003) — National leader in services and systems development with revenues around US$ 1 million and 500 employees.

Position: Systems Analyst/Programmer.
Main Responsibilities:

• Accounting and administrative systemsdevelopment, using Clipper;

• Maintenance and documentation of administrative and insurance systems (Clipper);


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