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Autor:  Fran
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Data:  29/MAI/2014 5:27 AM
Assunto:  To Go
Mensagem:  Henry,

The simple present is used to talk about "habits".

Go is a special situation, take a look:

I go and play basketball ...  = correct 
I go play basketball ... = correct
The phrase "I go to play" doesn't sound natural.

On Saturdays I play basketball with friends. ( simple present used to describe habits )

When I don't have homework I go play basketball at the park. ( habit )
When I don't have homework I go and play basketball at the park. ( habit )

And if you want to talk about future plans, you can use Milton's grammar tips.

What you're doing this Saturday? ( ungrammatical for "What are you doing this  Saturday?" )
I'm playing basketball. ( present progressive used to express future meaning, same as "I'm going to play basketball" )
Who you're playing with? ( ungrammatical for "Who are you playing with?")
Some friends from school.

Kids usually bend some grammar rules.

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