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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  13/ABR/2014 3:29 PM
Assunto:  medidor de nivelamento em inglês
Mensagem:  As for the guidelines, I meant, one have to compare the English he wants and see if the course seems like providing it. One can see by the output of their teachers and pupils.
The by the turnover of students, and teachers, for that matter; could be in certain measure the health of  a given course.
Classes in higher levels that are constituted of the same learners that were at the course in the last year would be a good sign, classes that are mosaic of pupils could make the prospective one a bit suspicious...

Not to mention the contract clauses. Many courses include provisions in which one has to study for at least three months, and it´s what they do for a living.  To many it´s their way of making money, not a way of edging risks.
If the consumer goes away in the very first forthnight, so be it, he has paid three months in advance.

By the way, the rental industry legal clauses are always being reviewed, questioned, improved and changed.

As for English course contracts....

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