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Autor:  pat
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  29/DEZ/2013 4:49 PM
Assunto:  and how
Mensagem:  Fran, you are correct, "and how" has become old-fashioned. It was also probably regional when it was popular.

"yay" is very regional, and I would say quite 'caipira'. It was common where I was raised, though I did not acquire it. 

In new england a well-known and amusing regionalism is "wicked". Wicked big, wicked hot, wicked cold, wicked hard, etc. It's especially associated now with the state of vermont but in fact is still used in most rural parts of new england. It is in the sense of accursedly, as if made so by a witch. It was a way for pious protestants to swear without swearing. 

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