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Autor:  katiana
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/SET/2013 11:06 PM
Assunto:  Feedback do TOEFL

hi, there,

Just to give you some feedback ...
I've taken the TOEFL  and I found it easier than I expected. The listening was clear and I could understand ALL the dialogs and talks. The structure part (the one I was more afraid of ) I could answer all the forty questions at the time given, some I've chosen  by chance but most of them I could identify the mistake at once, I can say that more than sixty per cent I got the right answer. The problem was the reading section, just the one that I always find the easiest in exams, it was easy indeed, but I didn't manage the time properly and at  the last two texts I had to hurry a lot, so I think I won't get the grade that I should deserve ....if only I had more time, for sure the grade would be better  :((
That's what makes me upset, why these exams test the ability to answer less than a minute an inference question ? This is not a matter of "know" English vocabulary or interpret, even in Portuguese I'm not able to answer so fast, I need time to think, people are different, everyone has different abilities I can answer math and physics questions faster than most of classmates, I was the first to hand in the exam and got the better grade in my class, but reading text is something that I need more time to organize  thought .

I think these exams are not fair . Anyway, I'll wait for the result ... Well, all these bla bla bla is to let you guys know that you all help me a lot, THANK YOU !!! You were the people that was there to clear my doubts, to cheer me up, to keep me company when I was desperate , even Jazz that made fun of me helped me in a sense, let me more ware of silly mistakes, thank you.

I didn't intend to say names but I couldn't help to thank PPaulo, Sydney, Josy, Renan, Teacher and the almighty Dale.  Anyway, keepon the good work in this forum!!!
God bless you all .


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