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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  02/JUN/2013 2:28 PM
Assunto:  Missing the past.
Mensagem:     I know what you are talking about!
   Indeed the Forum might have not been that active these days.  On the other hand, I come here very often to see if there´s any question or some general topic (all things English...)
   Well, if we just roam the next streets in our block we will find some English school, and their pupils need to learn, but then, they need to?
    Many are afraid to make mistakes, many are interested just in music, and there are plenty of others reasons to the decreasing audience.
    Anyway, I have always been around; as an example I was here to see "cair na prova"  today.
   I have joined the English Experts and seen Dale, Marcio and Breck there, it´s nice to see people I had met here.  That´s a proof that this Forum have active guys, problem is, where are the learners?
   The English Experts itself have up to 47,700 members up to now, but guess how many are active, that bring texts, news, word meanings, novelties, questions, discussions, videos, what you have?
    A few.  Like a hundred or so.    And there are some incentives to the most active ones, there are a "reputation" system (by way of voting) etc.
    Even so,  I think numbers are just a convention, indeed the quality is what counts.
    Anyway, let´s wait and see, I think someday our oldies buddies from the Forum will be back, we are missing them!
    In time, many are still around, you me Dale are some.  But I bet my bottom Real/Dollar that there are many that are in "stand by", they will come and offer their views if they feel to, in the sense of helping others out when they see a legit and relevant question.  The one that draw attention of a voluntary participant.
    There´s more to it.  As in whathever network, people come and go, depending on their life stage.  There is the guy that go abroad, the one that got employed, the one that is into teaching (and having an hectic life.) etc.
     Don´t sweat, tough; I am sure with time  more people wich interest lies in English coming to us, at least while some word or expression is stupefying them.      :-)

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