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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  17/MAI/2013 8:07 AM
Assunto:  ANYMORE

The Difference between Anymore and Any More :

“Anymore is an adverb meaning “any longer” or “nowadays”, for example, “I don’t work there anymore.” Any more can be used as adverb plus adjective, for example, “I don’t want any more dessert, thank you,” or as adjective plus noun, for example, “I don’t want any more”. 

To better clarify this, here is a sentence using both versions: “I don’t go running anymore because I don’t need to lose any more calories.

American English Usage:

The adverb “anymore” is used in the negative sense in standard American English, as in “I don’t run anymore.” You will also see it used in the positive, as follows, “Have you got any more of those sweets?”

The trick to remembering which one to use is to consider the words “longer” and nowadays.” So if I were asking a person for sweets i would say, “Have you got any more sweets?” And if I were telling a person that I was no longer with my girlfriend I would say, “We aren’t together anymore.”


There is a difference.

[grosso modo ]
"Any More" é usado quando falar de quantidade
Any More is used when talking about quantity.
(Are there any more left in the box?)

"Anymore" é usado quando falar de tempo.
Anymore is used when talking about time.
(I don't like you anymore.)

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