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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/OUT/2012 1:02 AM
Assunto:  Contrato Blindado
Mensagem:  Silvio, without much context it is hard to say. Yet, being such an impetuous person, I am going to give it a try. However, my education was not law, I must admit, so others might correct  me if I am wrong.

On impulse, I got to Word  Reference and here is my first finding:

Buenas noches a todos,
¿Alguien me puede decir como se diría en ingles "contrato blindado"?, me refiero a ese tipo de contratos que ata fuertemente al empleado a la empresa que le contrata, pero a cambio le garantiza una fuerte indemnización en caso de despido.
Gracias anticipadas.

Contrato blindado = Golden parachute

With more searching and "golden parachute" clauses in mind (or as a kick-off), I discovered related definitions as "payouts", "exit packages" very often found in business talking.

Now let´s go to contract clauses in Sports, let´s pick football (soccer).

It is a clause in a player's contract with their club which guarantees that the club will allow them to leave if another club makes an offer meeting some minimum value (specified in the clause).

Real Madrid shield Cristiano Ronaldo with €1bn buy-out clause
[Tuesday, June 23, 2009 ]
Real Madrid have put a buy-out clause of a staggering €1 billion in Cristiano Ronaldo's contract in order to shield the player from cash-rich Arab investors.

It means potential suitors would have to fork out for a minimum of €1 billion before the World Player of the Year could leave the Bernabéu.

According to Marca, Real president Florentino Pérez has inserted the breakaway clause to the deal to deter his rivals from pinching the Portuguese star away while he is still under contract.

Pérez still recalls how Manchester City almost dished out €115 million for Kaká back in January and supposedly €150 million to lure Iker Casillas away from Madrid.

Carles Puyol, Raul and Ruud van Nistelrooy held the previous record at €180 million, while Lionel Messi's buy-out price is "only" €150 million.

Barcelona assina com Pedro contrato "blindado"

  Nesta quinta-feira (20 de Agosto), o Barça, tornou como profissional o contrato de Pedro, uma jovem promessa, que agora tem uma cláusula de rescisão de 75 milhões de Euros, até 2014. Pedro, já na temporada passada, tinha alinhado em 6 jogos na Liga Espanhola, mas está a fazer uma pré-época muito boa, ao ponto de ter marcado o golo da vitória de 2 a 1 sobre o Atlétic Bilbao, na primeira mão da final da Supertaça de Espanha.

(*Meaning that if Pedro is to go early by any reason; he, his new club or the two combined will have to provide this sum to Pedro´s former soccer team.)

Well, let´s stop here, I think one of these two might be what you needed and who am I to tinker with law language? Anyway, it´s my two pence worth, and sorry for not being more concise.

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