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Autor:  Sidney
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/SET/2012 1:09 AM
Assunto:  dar intimidade
Mensagem:  Hahahaha...now I'm dying with your email...LOL

With me in particular, happened even before the snow. I saw the leaves during the fall and I thought it was soooo beautiful and more...then someone gave me the broom. "Hey Sid you need to sweep the leaves". I have hated the leaves ever since...LOL but it is beautiful as long I don't have to pile them. Also the "mother-in-law" thing, mine came to Canada last year and was here for 45 nice and long days....LOL (Not funny)...LOL

Snow is beautiful and nice if you don't have to go out side. Traffic gets horrible even to walk seems to require a lot effort...

I love that video plus the guys Spanish is so funny..glad you like it.

Have a good night,


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