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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  15/AGO/2012 2:10 AM
Assunto:  Let me star over
Mensagem:  I answered you questions in haste.  Bad idea!

I'm a bit confused now because I have been corrected when I used "call" instead of "draw" or "attract."
Whoever was correcting you was not American.  In the USA (to call) it is commonly used
to mean to attract, to draw.  Was the person British?  Perhaps in the UK "to call" is not used that way.  In the USA, it is most certainly used to express that meaning.

I can't remember its context clearly, but would it be correct to say "some students want to call their classmates' attention using expensive smartphones?"

Yes.  Be careful with "call" because it can mean "telefonar".  I read your question quickly, saw "smartphone". and I misunderstood it.  I am human,  I made a mistake.  Sue me.  LOL 

I don't feel completely comfortable with the sentence, and yet I cannot point to any particular part and say "This is wrong and let me explain why I am saying that."  The meaning would be clearer if you use "...attention by using..."
  Otherwise a reader could be confused and, reading quickly, believe you meant "...classmates who are using..."  Do you follow me?

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