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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  08/AGO/2012 7:35 PM
Assunto:  Glamorous or gorgeous image
The two words seem to be used almost interchangeably.  Almost.  A house can be gorgeous but not glamorous.  A woman can be gorgeous and glamorous.  (These adjectives can be used to describe men, but that use is rare, in my opinon.)  A job can be glamorous but not gorgeous. 

Check out the dictionary entries below and try to get a feel for the differences.


gorgeous   Etymology: alteration (influenced by -ous) of Middle English gorgayse, from Middle French gorgias elegant, fond of dress, from gorgias neckerchief, wimple, from gorge throat -- more at GORGE
1 a : dressed in splendid or vivid colors : resplendently beautiful : MAGNIFICENT, SHOWY <gorgeous in the robes of worldwide academic distinction -- R.M.Lovett> <the costumes were gorgeous enough to be put into museums -- Mollie Panter-Downes> b : characterized by brilliance or magnificence of any kind : DAZZLING, FLAMBOYANT, RESPLENDENT, COLORFUL <related several stories of the gorgeous past -- Elinor Wylie> <poetry ... of weighted phrase and gorgeous adjective -- Edith Hamilton> <often they believed their own gorgeous lies -- Russell Lord>
2 : supremely good or delightful : TERRIFIC, SPLENDID, SUPERB <really gorgeous -- a great human book -- H.J.Laski> <a gorgeous meal> <had a gorgeous time>
synonym see SPLENDID

1 : a magic spell : BEWITCHMENT <the girls appeared to be under a glamour -- Llewelyn Powys> <casting a glamour over the affairs of merchant princes -- O.S.J.Gogarty>
2 : an elusive mysteriously exciting and often illusory attractiveness that stirs the imagination and appeals to a taste for the unconventional, the unexpected, the colorful, or the exotic <the glamour of the French Foreign Legion> : a strangely alluring atmosphere of romantic enchantment <a beautifully decorated room that was filled with glamour> : a bewitching intangible irresistibly magnetic charm <it was simply the glamour of the unknown that she had felt in him -- Ellen Glasgow>; often : personal charm and poise combined with unusual physical and sexual attractiveness <an actress radiant with glamour>

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