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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/SET/2011 2:38 PM
Assunto:  passar a

    Charlotte, I would change it a little bit.  

     It follows some sentences, but you can find more if you use some search machines.  Good luck on the search!

     Ah, let´s wait more coming from the natives/teachers/other participants of the Forum.



    Also, passar a - it is "turn into", "morph into" (for example: a gambler,  an egotistical guy/gal etc), is  some contexts.     

     In others contexts could be, "he/she began to (do this or that...)




  "Nós nos davamos bem, mas de repente eu passei a ter alguns problemas com...."

Eu posso usar o verbo TO COME meaning PASSAR A? Típo,  I came to have some problems...?


   We got along well, but this changed when I began to have problems with the law/my health etc.



    We got along well, but all of a sudden I started to get little distant, because

I was been horribly busy with family obligations and working over time...



    We got along well, till until a few years ago; it was when I got in troubles...I came late at home because of my workload.



    We got along well (for many years), but things changed when I had drinking financial/emotional problems.



   We got along well, till she began to nag me about my alcohol addiction gone out of control.



    We got along well, till she kept over-reacting over my gambling, Internet, alcohol, food, work, exercise, shopping and video game addictions!  Is she some type of attention seeker?





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