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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/AGO/2011 2:18 PM
Assunto:  People goes, in this case.

    Well, it´s a matter of style then, Orlando.    I personally have nothing against the use, and certainly people would understood both ways, tough GOES perhaps sounds more natural.




     a) In informal way we can use, but usually in academical assignments/projects I would suggest to use the third person (singular) after the "more than one person".

     b) I have noticed too that when it comes with a modal verb in the sentence, then the following verb don´t take the "s". 

     c) Other cases may be exception to the  rule, but then, are exceptional cases. 

      I would go for the logic, but somewhat seems like the Portuguese logic we are using; like the "You are" by our Portuguese would be "You is" because in Portuguese is "você é".         English is really tricky sometimes, beat me! 





   More examples to back up (a) :



But as more than one person has pointed out, none of these examples — with the possible exception of Google and search — meets any kind of real test of the term monopoly. 



   Tip for when more than one person manages a Twitter account ...
www.communicatejesus.com/.../tip-for-when-more-than-one-person... - CachedTip for when more than one person manages a Twitter account. April 6, 2011 in Social Media. Perhaps you have a Twitter account for your church, ...







    Federal Income Tax - What if more than one person can claim a ...
www.quizlaw.com/federal.../what_if_more_than_one_person_c.php -
 CachedA situation could occur where more than one person is in a position to claim a child as a “qualifying child” to take an exemption (for example, if you and ...



    If more than one person has chosen the same (or very similar) trade name, who has ownership of the name?




     Examples to back up (b)


     Help - Can  more than one person operate a store? · Storenvy
www.storenvy.com/help/.../can-more-than-one-person-operate-a-sto... - CachedShop our community of cool stuff from indie merchants. Or open a store and sell your own for free!



     Can  more than one person use the same email address for an Askville "account"? See details.



      More Than One Person May Have Been Involved In Hudson Family Murders

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