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Autor:  Bruno
E-mail:  brunogasparsc@gmail.com
Data:  04/AGO/2011 10:53 AM
Assunto:  How about you, what about you

Hi everyone!

I need some help:


- I'd like to know when I should use "what about you?" x "how about you?", meaning "e você?".


- How can I say "Vou assistir o filme no final de semana e depois te digo o que achei", in English? Would it be correct to say "I'm going to watch the film on the weekend and then I'll tell you my impressions"? How/what about "I'm going to see the film this weekend and after I'll tell you what I found about it"?

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 How about you, what about you  –  Bruno  04/AGO/2011, 10:53 AM
How about you, what about you  –  PPAULO  04/AGO/2011, 9:05 PM
How about you, what about you  –  PPAULO  04/AGO/2011, 10:15 PM

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