Teaching Approach

We do not follow any specific plan or course of lessons and books, but promote language and culture exchange in communicative activities because we believe that language is primarily a result of human interaction. Our school becomes a bilingual living and learning center with small groups led by a native in the target culture. The instructor functions as a language counselor and facilitator. We respect each instructor’s style and rely on their ability to build relationships within the group and create a natural need for communication.

We also offer language learning through the study of grammar as a complement, but the emphasis is on language acquisition through communication, in which the role of the native speaker is essential.

The groups are never bigger than 8 and are as homogeneous as possible, so that their members become easily well-connected. The teacher will assess their needs and interests, which will serve as a basis for the activities.

The teacher is given freedom to improvise but must be versatile — to think as a businessperson when working with them, to become an adolescent when working with teenagers, and become a child when working with young learners. The main goal is to connect and build a relationship with each individual learner and with the group as a whole, creating an environment that provides plenty of linguistic comprehensible input and learning experiences similar to those of cultural exchange programs abroad.