English Made in Brazil

The most influential website of studies and discussion forum about the teaching of English in Brazil. In-depth presentation of language learning and teaching methodolgy. Unique materials based on contrastive linguistics. Hundreds of pertinent questions answered by an international team of experts.

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English Made in Brazil (EMB) is part of its main sponsor’s social responsibility.

Through EMB, Schütz & Kanomata-ESL makes available to the public and especially to students and teachers of English the intellectual work of the school. It helps to bring academic foundations to a vulnerable area, often in the hands of profit-hungry enterprises.

The website comprises more than 500 pages, 7 slide shows, a collection of 585 relevant questions and answers and a discussion forum with more than 78k messages. On the Internet there are about 41k external links to EMB and more than 10k pages indexed in Google.

Ricardo Edmundo Schütz – Brazilian, bachelor in Business Administration and Law, and MA in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) from Arizona State University (May 1987), researched on contrastive phonology of English and Portuguese, lived abroad for 7 years, 16 years of experience in the teaching of English: 3 in Japan and 15 in Brazil.

Today Ricardo is the webmaster of English Made in Brazil, leader of its team and author of most of the studies published in the site. He is also the founder of the ESL and PSL school in Brazil that sponsors the site.

Ricardo, a native Portuguese speaker, was still monolingual at the age of 27. He then acquired English without any formal study and also acted as the main facilitator in his Japanese wife’s acquisition of Portuguese. Moreover, as the father of a daughter who is today trilingual, he had the chance to observe his child’s acquisition of three languages – a different language would emerge as native according to the environment in which the family was living — Brazil, Japan and USA. This has motivated him to study language acquisition and language teaching methodology.

Former president of ASBI (South Brazil Educational and Cultural Exchange Association).